An Empowering Opportunity For Moms Seeking A Fulfilling Business

Discover how Yolanda’s innovative business is changing the lives of moms and their communities 

As moms, we are always looking for ways to balance our family life, personal aspirations, and career goals. It’s not an easy task, but what if there was an opportunity to run a fulfilling business that caters to your community’s needs, empowers other moms, and offers the flexibility you crave? Enter Taxi Mom, a unique franchise opportunity founded by Yolanda Stevenson, a mompreneur with a big vision and heart. is a SaaS-based company that offers safe, reliable transportation for children aged 3-22, including those with special needs. The company has experienced significant growth, with 14 franchisees across the nation, and a customer waitlist of over 900 people eager for the service.

Yolanda, the founder of, is a powerhouse of inspiration and determination. In a recent interview with Mom Magazine, she shared her journey and the opportunities her business provides for moms like her.

“Taxi Mom is more than just a transportation service; it’s a support system, a community of like-minded moms who want to make a difference in their local communities. We’re a family, and we learn from each other,” Yolanda said, emphasizing the strong bond between franchisees.

The franchise opportunity offers flexibility, allowing moms to manage their businesses while still having time for their families. It really is one big family business as even Yolanda’s kids now run their own franchises. Having started the business in early 2000’s and only in the last several years transformed it into a franchise opportunity. Yolanda understands the challenges that come with being a mom and a business owner, so she offers all franchisees extensive support and guidance.

“We have bi-weekly Zoom meetings to touch base with all our franchisees, discuss any issues they might be facing, and brainstorm solutions together. It’s important to nurture the relationship and build trust within our network,” Yolanda shared.

For moms who are considering this opportunity, Yolanda’s enthusiasm and passion for her business are contagious. She has taken her life experiences and channeled them into an inspiring venture that empowers other moms to pursue their dreams.

“I don’t look at myself the way other people do. I just see myself as an ordinary person doing an ordinary thing, but it really has become bigger than me,” Yolanda said, reflecting on her journey with Taxi Mom.

With plans to expand nationwide to 200 franchises in 2 years and reach over 2000 territories, Taxi Mom is poised to make a significant impact in the lives of children, parents, and mompreneurs across the country.

As Yolanda continues to lead her growing team of franchisees, her commitment to their success is unwavering. She believes in the power of community and offers the support and guidance necessary for every franchisee to thrive. Given that every territory is unique, there are opportunities everywhere, no matter where someone lives.

So, if you’re a mom seeking a rewarding business opportunity that aligns with your values and offers the chance to make a meaningful difference, TaxiMom might just be the perfect fit. In Yolanda’s words, “It’s not just business coaching, it’s mindset coaching.”

Take the leap and join this empowering community of moms who are changing the lives of families across the nation—one ride at a time.

Those seeking more information about TaxiMom can contact Yolanda directly through her website or Instagram.  

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