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Sarah Beeston On Balancing Social Media And Motherhood, And Being A Beacon Of Dialogue For Her Kids

Sarah Beeston, star of The Beeston Fam, sat down with MOM Magazine to discuss the balancing act between creating content for her community of millions, being a devoted mom to Jack (3), and Sunny (14 months), her journey with endometriosis, along with the madness of husband Derik requiring double knee surgery at a time the family were moving into their new home in Utah.

MOM Magazine - Sarah Beeston

“It got to a point where I realized I need to ask for help,” admits TikTok star Sarah Beeston, when opening up about the craziness of the last few weeks. “I have a hard time doing that.”

Beeston’s candid admittance isn’t alien to new mom’s whose reluctance to seek assistance seems to be a common theme. When asked why this reluctance was, Beeston could only offer up her own experiences; “I feel like moms automatically put too much pressure on ourselves. We’re supposed to be the one that cleans and looks after the kids … it’s been that way forever.”

Such matriarchal views could be a sign that the societal norms of yesteryear have led to pressures for females to take on too much responsibility. 

Regarding an alleged stigma of the term ‘housewife,’ certainly, in Scandinavia ‘housewives’ are regarded as a near-extinct species. “The few ones that still exist don’t really dare go public with it,” shares New York Times journalist Katrin Bennhold in her article The Stigma of Being A Housewife.

But despite the social engineering that puts pressure on women to conform to competing with one another, there can still be solace in the knowledge that there are supermoms out there – such as Beeston, who attempt to take on the workload motherhood forces upon them. Still, the debate between refraining from both romanticizing and stigmatizing housewives can be left for another time. 

“I feel like, at least for me, I can be a better mom when I have some help. If you’re constantly in stress mode you can’t be a really good mom to your kids,” Beeston continues. “I feel like more women need to take little breaks here and there and ask for help.”

As well as outside assistance, Beeston changed up her schedule to ensure she gets to enjoy the quality time with her young family. “Everything changed for me when I realized I need to set specific hours that are dedicated to my work. When I am off the clock, I’m off the clock and  present with my kids. It’s sacred family time.”

One would think a social media personality like Beeston, who openly shares her life across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube would have no problem talking about her emotions. Yet the cheery 27 year old, with 4.5m followers on TikTok and 1.1m on Instagram, reveals her private side – which is quite the dichotomy for her legions of fans, who struggle to differ between Beeston’s on-screen persona and her life without the lens. “I’m such a private person,” she shares. “People can get surprised that I have this whole other personality – even though I do love meeting people when I’m out.” Beeston’s stark admission comes despite the extrovert’s acknowledgement that 90% of interactions are great. “The other 10% test the boundaries and it can get quite scary.”

One instance took place recently with Beeston documenting the ordeal on TikTok. “In that instance, you have to stand up for yourself,” she suggests. “You have to be strong. I never want to offend someone, so it’s hard. But if your safety is at risk you have to be strong.”

MOM Magazine - Sarah Beeston

With this resistance it’s surprisingly refreshing that Beeston allows herself to be a beacon of open dialogue with her kids. “With Jack and Sunny, I want them to be able to come to me and feel like it’s a safe space with whatever they’re struggling with. Even though I’m not very good at talking about my emotions (as previously stated) I definitely want to make an environment where they feel like I’m not going to be mad if they mess up.”

Like many other mom’s who I speak to, Beeston insists there is no guide to motherhood; rather a constant learning curve. “We’re trying to figure it out as we go,” she points out. “Obviously mistakes are going to be made but we’re trying our best.”

At one point in her life, Beeston wasn’t sure she was going to be blessed with more kids as – before her pregnancy with Sunny she was diagnosed with Endometriosis, a disease whereby tissue similar to the lining of the uterus, grows outside of the uterus – causing severe pelvic pain and limiting the chances of getting pregnant.

“I didn’t realize how common endometriosis was,” she reflects. “I thought it was normal to have that much pain. It felt like my appendix was bursting.”

Beeston has since connected with other women on the same health journey as hers, spreading awareness of the disorder while taking the appropriate steps to ensure potential future pregnancies don’t lead to health setbacks. “It’s kind of a mind game because – even though I’m not yet ready to have another child, I’m not sure I want to wait to have more.”

While husband Derik has been laid up after double knee surgery – the result of an accident aboard a cruise ship, Sarah has been manned with the task of moving the family’s belongings into their new house in Utah. “Our house is still blown up, but it’s a lot better than what it was.”

With Derik now on the road to full fitness he’s able to support Sarah yet the success of their marriage stems from the teamwork the duo are able to lean on each other with. “He’s very good at staying on task,” she says. “I’m very good at making the videos, and taking care of the cleaning, while he’s kind of on the back end stuff. We both have our strengths – such as being equally involved with the kids – and that makes it work.”

Derik is also extremely supportive when the duo are deep in the trenches dealing with online backlash surrounding their decision to include their young children on their social media … something Beeston says she reflects on daily. “I do feel like there is a right way to show family content and a wrong way to do it, so we’re trying to find the balance of what we do because we do want to protect our kids.”

She continues; “On the flipside, I’ve had messages from people telling me I saved their life and gave them hope and that they could be a good mom or have a good husband.”

Sarah Beeston is a social media savant who has amassed over 2.9 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, along with close to 6 million followers over Instagram and TikTok combined.


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