Reclaiming Motherhood: Alicia Nicole’s Journey of Mindfulness and Authenticity

There comes a time in many women’s lives when their world is turned upside down: the moment they embark on the journey into motherhood. For Alicia, it wasn’t any different. 

Although as far as she could remember she always dreamed of motherhood, and thought herself to be prepared for the challenges and adversities that comes along with the territory, when it came down to reality, she realized how her conceptions of motherhood were immersed on censored ideals of an utopian and unrealistic fantasy. The idea of moms having it together all the time, always putting her family’s needs above her own, being gentle and kind at every moment and always having  the best positive mindset was simply unachievable as a whole.

Alicia saw herself not ready for the extremeness : constantly pushing herself on the edge of a precipice to fit under the mom ideal that society expected her to be.  Alongside trying to shrink herself into society’s expectations on motherhood, such pressure exacerbated feelings of loneliness, exhaustion and loss of freedom, that  hit its peak, when Alicia was barely in survival mode, suffering from postpartum depression. During the darkest time in her life, she decided to confront her destructive thoughts. The idea of “not waking up tomorrow” and the feeling of relief it offered scared her enough to make her decide to change how she saw herself as a mom. She actively and mindfully decided to use her fears and challenges as tools to become stronger.

By taking an active approach in her wellbeing journey,  Alicia decided to research and familiarize herself with a large scope of resources in order to comprehend how our minds and thoughts work and the ways into which it affects our bodies. Her inner will to gain knowledge and put into practice all the lessons that she had learned through her extensive study, not only positively changed the way she viewed herself, but also how she behaved in  her daily challenges as a mother. She started to let go of the censored ideals that define a mom and felt a drive to advocate for diverse and real experiences of motherhood.

It was through this drive and with the purpose of helping other moms change how they view motherhood and themselves, that Alicia decided to share her journey on her Instagram page and combine all the lessons and practices she had learned in her ebook “Becoming That Mom: The Mom Reset Guide”. What she discovered through such an active stance, was that other moms were not only relating to her experiences, but also finding comfort in how open she was on sharing her vulnerabilities and the not so “magical” parts of motherhood.  Alicia managed to create, through her platform and guide,  a resource that helps other moms identify their needs and desires from a space of love and compassion, while also providing a space where her audience are encouraged to share their own story about motherhood and create their own definition of what it means to be a mother. 

What Alicia portrays in her advocacy and passion for motherhood, is showing her audience how every mom has something to learn from each other and sharing vulnerabilities and the “raw” side of motherhood is not something to be seen through a shameful or guilty eye. Instead, it is through sharing each story that it is possible to start normalizing daily challenges and redefine what it means to be a mom through their own personalized and authentic version. Alicia uses comedy everyday to create in her platform a supportive community where moms can find friendship, share their stories and find a helping hand whenever they need it. 

The journey of motherhood can be a scary and immensely challenging moment in a woman’s life, and finding a community of like minded people can provide the encouragement, support and strength to navigate this journey with joy and peace of mind. 

Start your journey into self-discovery and reshape the way you perceive yourself and your role as a mother. With Alicia’s movement to redefine motherhood on her social media and her work through her guide, “Becoming That Mom: The Mom Reset Guide”, you will find a comforting place to not only overcome daily struggles of motherhood but also a resource of motivation that strives to encourage mothers to be their authentic selves, while also finding joy in everyday life.

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