Mom-preneurs: 11 Inspiring Moms Balancing Motherhood And Successful Businesses

Discover the stories of 11 mom-preneurs adeptly managing both motherhood and successful businesses. 

These women share practical insights into balancing family life with entrepreneurship, offering a realistic perspective on the possibilities of combining these roles. From psychologists to writers to podcasters, these moms serve as practical role models in navigating the balance between family and professional pursuits.

Amber Mamian – Global Munchkins

Mom of 6 Amber Mamian is a mom-on-the-go. The founder of the popular travel blog, Global Munchkins balances her time between her mom duties, representing Oprah Daily as an ambassador, running Global Munchkins, and highlighting her family’s travel adventures across her socials. “You only get 18 summers,” she proudly beams.

Global Munchkins was created to inspire other families to travel the globe together and share the moments that disconnect them from society, reconnecting from within. Mamian and her husband Mike have certainly lived by that mantra, traveling to over 40 countries in the last two decades with kids in-tow. Leading from a family-first perspective, the Mamian’s have a unique approach to globetrotting. Whether it’s letting their I.G. Following or their kids decide the next port-of-call, the Mamian’s are all about letting others into their world to create the optimal family environment. 

Follow the Mamian’s on their next adventure, and re-energize your own family’s lust for life.  

Arabelle YeeManifestation Queen

Entrepreneur, certified psychotherapist, transformational life strategist. Arabelle Yee is all of those and more. What she takes pride in the most though, is her devotion as a single mom, to her young son, Elijah. 

Learning to embrace the unknown, Arabelle is a Manifestation Queen, helping to serve others and help them realize their highest self. To-date she has served over 45,000 students in close to 100 countries – teaching them how to build emotional intelligence in order to generate wealth. 

With a plethora of masterclass courses, highlighting everything from ‘How to Create 5-figures’ to ‘Self Love’ to the space between where you are and where you want to be – known as ‘The Void,’ Arabelle creates a space where you get to choose how to lead your life. 

Creating unique mindset strategies is a thankless task in a day and age where mindfulness is at the forefront of an ever-changing workplace landscape. Yet Arabelle Yee is changing lives all-the-while providing her young son with the tools necessary to be the best version he can be.

Women who are Intuitive, Resilient, Self-led, and Risk Takers can reach Arabelle Yee across her socials. To become the best version of yourself, sign up for Arabelle’s masterclass programs here.

Tessa White – The Job Doctor 

Tessa White aka The Job Doctor, helps people find their place in corporate America without losing themselves or their life in the process  – and with some knowledge about how to do it. Her adult son tried to take his life – ending up partially paralyzed. 

An impressive career as a role model for women across the United States hasn’t come without sacrifices, as expressed by her daughter Hannah, who penned this heartfelt letter of gratitude to her mom for the sacrifices she made for her young family. “She made me feel as though no dream was too out of reach, women could do anything men could do,” the younger White says. 

As alternative as her approach was to raising her children (teaching them life skills like investing in stocks from a young age), White’s methodology to harnessing the potential of workplace employees is innovative. Her bestselling book, “The Unspoken Truths for Career Success,” teaches people how to navigate the dysfunction of the workplace, and come out ahead.

Rejuvenating a new generation with the communication strategies to have hard conversations without putting their job at risk, White empowers others to see their potential, and teaches today’s leaders how to unleash the talents of those who serve them.

Get in touch with Tessa White – The Job Doctor today!

Anna Sinclair – Total Mom Inc.

Founder and CEO of Total Mom Inc., Anna Sinclair created a supportive platform and  community for women on their journey of juggling motherhood and growing their business.

“Our mission is to help women successfully start and grow a profitable and sustainable business while raising a family. There are an endless amount of obstacles and challenges that come with continuing your career while raising children, but women shouldn’t have to choose one over the other,” Sinclair says.

Total Mom Inc. is ‘the solid system that prevents moms leading with guilt, shame, and a half-empty cup’ while providing grants, scholarships, awards, and expert advice. 

Anna Sinclair – the Super Mom behind Total Mom Inc., grew it to a 65m+ annual reach across North America, all the while raising two little boys with a third baby on the way. After realizing that balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship was an uphill struggle, she made it her personal mission to grow a transformative network that empowers women to create a life and business they love through entrepreneurship.    

Sinclair is a change maker, community builder, mental health advocate, and business advisor & you can follow her on I.G

To learn more about programs, events and funding for your business visit  

Kylie McBeath – Zura Health

Kylie McBeath, co-founder of Zura Health, is healing others “one small shift at a time” through her holistic approach to nutrition and wellness. 

The wife of famed podcast guru, Mark Groves, provides guidance to implementing the right changes to live a healthy life. Zura Health also provides the tools necessary to take your own personal journey from wholeness to becoming a certified Health Coach. 

In summer 2023, Kylie chronicled her child birth over Instagram, using the platform to highlight the journey from labor to birth in a series of powerful, and unique posts that aimed to transform the lives of others to understand the beauty in childbirth. Kylie herself emphasized the need to “trust in nature,” one of her many mantras that make up her Wellness 2.0.  

Cindy Watson – Empowerment Coach & Consultant

“The world is out of balance,” says international TEDx speaker, award-winning author, devoted mom, and master negotiation coach Cindy Watson. “The feminine voice is being diminished, and that imbalance is creating chaos.”

After 30 years of experience as an attorney specializing in social justice, Cindy Watson, founder of Watson Palmer Law, seeks to challenge patriarchal norms and redefine success through her notion that negotiation is an integral part of life.

As a world-class empowerment coach and consultant, Cindy Watson is dedicated to advocating and motivating women to leverage their powers of persuasion. From the boardroom to the bedroom, Watson also teaches others how to dig deeper to rediscover their true purpose and retake charge of their lives.

Her book, The Art of Feminine Negotiation, has made its way onto the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon bestseller lists in multiple categories. Other successful endeavors include founding Women On Purpose and creating numerous HERsuasion programs.

“I call on you to be the change to shift the world out of fear and uncertainty into a place of powerful resilience and possibility,” concludes Watson.

So, to take control of your life and become the best version of yourself, step into your feminine power by booking a Breakthrough Session with Cindy Watson. 

Anniston Riekstins – The InPowered Life Podcast

Empowerment runs deep in the Riekstins family. With mindset guru and transformative coach, Rudi Riekstins, specializing supporting leaders in organizations, Anniston is blazing her own trail as an author, co-host of the highly-sought after InPowered Life Podcast, co-founder of InPower University and Vice President of a large corporation. All-the-while raising two kids!

A transformative coach and mentor for entrepreneurs and high-performing individuals, Anniston transforms those who are ‘stuck’ into ‘inspired’ by providing the necessary tools to align with their purpose and move through fear and limitations. 

As the CEO and Co-Founder of InPower University, Anniston believes the most important investment you can make is in your own personal growth. Her goal is to provide accessible tools, courses and content that will support individuals in upleveling every area of their life. 

Make sure to listen to the InPowered Life Podcast as it’s a great tool for learning actionable tools that can assist you in creating more abundance, freedom and joy in your life.  

Michal Braker – Braker Coaching 

Finding the ONE doesn’t have to feel defeated. 

How does a person know whether to leave or stay when neither option feels right? Meet Coach Michal Braker, founder of Braker Coaching, who had the courage to end an engagement six months before the wedding. Coach Braker has problem-solving tools that offer solutions to this question, including ones that prevent relationships from becoming a situationship. 

Drawing upon extensive knowledge and professional background, Coach Braker provides long lasting tools that prevent constant breakups and instead move towards “dynamic breakthrough” relationships. 

Coach Braker believes that “breakfree” answers are possible when one first asks “breakthrough” questions. Everyone deserves to find the “One” and that a break-free future is possible when receiving the gift of a breakthrough today. Her mission and mantra is to put the brakes on broken hearts.

Coach Braker’s dedication to nourishing and promoting healthier fulfilling relationships brings hope that finding the ONE is truly possible. 

This is certainly evident in her household, where she is mom to a 22 year old daughter and 20 year old son. Coach Braker was also a school principal for 25 years.

When feeling hopeless and defeated, book a session with Coach Braker by visiting her website here.

Christine Burych – StarlingBrook Leadership Consulting 

Can you have it all – and what prevents us from going for it? That’s the question Christine Burych helps to answer as the President of StarlingBrook Leadership Consulting. Christine is passionate about the psychology of leadership, what makes us tick and what limiting beliefs we may have adapted.

This stems from her past work in the field of mental health after noticing a pattern of behaviours around these limiting beliefs that affect how we show up. 

Utilizing her own experience of job loss, divorce and starting her own business, she imparts her knowledge and experience to help couples strengthen their marriage while maintaining their own identity and creating a joint vision – not only for their relationship, but their workplace. 

Someone who needs to be in action, Christine feels most joy when helping others – including aiding Ukrainian women and children fleeing to Poland from war, and running a pro bono leadership program for millennials in the workforce.  

As a Mom she’s most proud of the fact that both her boys are entrepreneurs, creating work opportunities for others and practicing their leadership skills!

Christine Burych is an award winning author, Amazon #1 bestseller and TEDx Wilmington speaker. 

Follow her socials to stay resilient. 

Sheila AdelLady Ease

Founder of Lady Ease, Sheila Adel has revolutionized the skincare industry for females.

As a proponent of naturally pure, harm-free ingredients, Adel has helped to keep the mature woman comfortable in their own skin by creating nourishing, feminine skincare products that combat vaginal dryness a lot of women experience due to hormonal changes.    

Sheila Adel utilized the help of her daughters to create Lady Ease, teaming up with them while leaving a 30-year career as an Engineer and Research Manager, such was her passion for driving change to an industry that was at one time considered taboo. 

Transcending the feminine skincare industry, Adel and her daughters have turned Lady Ease into a household name across North America, doing so in a way that the mature woman can embrace the aging process in a safe and positive way. “It’s truly a positive mindset that we need, in order to rethink how we view our older self,” says Adel. “Vaginal dryness simply needs a very special type of luxury feminine skincare that uplifts women by making them feel beautiful.”

To feel comfortable in your skin and have peace of mind, check out the Lady Ease luxury skincare products here.

Chelsea Bodie & Caitlin Slavens – Mama Psychologist

Caitlin Slavens and Chelsea Bodie are two best friends, moms to four children (all under the age of six), and co-founders of Mama Psychologists – an expert guide to parenting and postpartum life. 

The duo provide access to Mom Workshops, Parenting Courses, and peer-reviewed articles; ranging from topics like Managing Postpartum Anxiety, Rage, Burnout, & Depression, & Sleep Struggles. All this and more from two experts in the field, and two published authors of the recently released Not Your Mother’s Postpartum Book, a comprehensive dive into the postpartum world. “Mom life feels hard because it is hard,” the duo share. “There is hope, and this book is here to provide it.” 

The Lethbridge-based psychologists had to overcome their share of struggles during early-motherhood with Bodie citing this as the reason to empower others, “You don’t have to suffer in silence. There are resources, support, and education that can ease one’s journey.”

Follow along with Chelsea & Caitlin on their Instagram page, and visit Mama Psychologists for a comprehensive guide on how to lighten your parental load.  


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