Brandi Gregge

Brandi Gregg Launches Nonprofit Initiative for Abuse Survivors

In Middletown, Delaware, a groundbreaking non-profit initiative named “Empowerment Beyond Scars” ” is offering new hope to victims and survivors of physical abuse and violence. This project, launched by Brandi Gregge, the founder of medical aesthetic practice, Mint & Needle, has captured widespread attention for its significant positive effects on the community.

The Beginning of Mint & Needle
Founded in 2019 by Brandi Gregge, FNP-BC, Mint & Needle was created with a special vision in mind: “We started our brand for those seeking to rejuvenate their appearance while also finding a renewed sense of self-confidence,” Gregge explains. With extensive experience in both the medical and aesthetic fields, she initiated this practice with a focused mission: “to offer science-driven regenerative medical aesthetics.”

Mint & Needle provides a broad selection of medical-grade products and services aimed at enhancing, nourishing, and empowering individuals’ inner and outer selves. From addressing skincare concerns to aging gracefully, Gregge emphasizes, “Our mission has always been to shape not only how the world sees our clients but more importantly, how they see themselves.”

Empowerment Beyond Scars: A Leap Forward
On October 7, 2023, during its annual celebration, Gregge formally introduced “Empowerment Beyond Scars.” This initiative signifies a considerable advancement in her mission, broadening the scope of Mint & Needle to support individuals who have endured the physical and emotional aftermath of abuse and violence.

“Empowerment Beyond Scars is about healing wounds that are more than skin deep. It offers a hand to those climbing out of the shadows of their past, helping them reclaim their self-esteem and dignity,” Gregge states. In partnership with providers, pharmaceuticals, and fellow non profits, the program aims to give regenerative medical aesthetic services free of charge to survivors.

A National Network of Healing
Gregge’s vision for “Empowerment Beyond Scars” extends far beyond the confines of Middletown. She aspires to create a national network of medical aesthetic providers dedicated to this cause. By partnering with healthcare, nonprofit, and government agencies, the initiative aims to raise awareness and educate survivors about the treatments and services available to them.

“This effort is about building bridges—connecting survivors with professionals who can not only treat their physical scars but also understand the emotional journey of healing,” Gregge elaborates. She is committed to fostering a community that supports, empowers, and uplifts those in need.

The Driving Force: Brandi Gregge
Brandi Gregge’s journey from a nurse practitioner to the founder of this compassionate initiative is a testament to her dedication to health, safety, and quality in regenerative aesthetic medicine. With a Master’s in Nursing, a B.S. in Kinesiology and Nursing, and an MBA, Gregge brings her medical expertise and business skills to her practice.

Her dedication to excellence is evident in the rigorous training program she has designed for all Mint & Needle injectors. “Through our internal residency program, I guarantee that every professional working under our supervision not only satisfies but exceeds industry standards of care,” she asserts. Gregge strongly advocates for continuous learning and education, which keeps her staff up to date on the latest regenerative aesthetic medicine technology and trends.

A Call to Action
More than a program, Gregge wants “Empowerment Beyond Scars” to be a movement. It is a beacon of hope for those who have felt the sting of abuse and the pain of violence. In a world where scars can be both seen and unseen, initiatives like this remind us of the power of compassion and the strength found in community.