Mindset And Emotional Mastery Coach Vanessa Poirier Uncovering Limitations To Gain Clarity 

“I’d have to say support is the number one thing. So I stopped being the independent woman I thought I needed to be and really leaned into support.” Vanessa Poirier is talking about the moment she realized the culmination of a pandemic, mothering a newborn son, and mourning the passing of her father had shaken her up to the point she needed to reevaluate her life and purpose. 

The Mindset and Emotional Mastery Coach from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada questioned her own limiting beliefs, digging deep to find the blockages that were preventing her from realizing her potential. 

“I was questioning a lot of my beliefs, the stories, and the limitations I was living out of,” Poirier says. “It’s hilarious when you think about life because it really is subjective – it’s what we see and believe. You could change your whole life by looking at things in a different way.”

Poirier is a certified mastery method coach – having trained under a psychosomatic therapist; a specialty she was drawn into because of her meditation background, and after noticing that wisdom is often found in the body. “That’s the somatic part – recognizing that our answers are all within. If we listen to the body, we’ll find that intuition and that wisdom from within. So I’m just guiding people to their own answers.” 

Somatic therapy is the process where humans get in touch with the sensations that come along with their feelings. For example, pains ranging from muscle tension, stomach aches, and numbness are thought to originate from stress-related psychological issues. The therapeutic approach to combating this is learning how to calm or discharge the stress, tension, and trauma. 

This in-turn helps the person suffering from said pains to be more observant of their triggers. It’s when they slow their system down and feel their vulnerability that the reason why comes to light. 

“Somatic work brings us into the unconscious because the conscious realm is actually what we’re living out, which is only 5% of what we’re actually seeing,” Poirier points out. “There’s actually 95% behind your programming that we don’t realize is playing out all the time. So it’s an inquisitive kind of process to find out what our programming is.” 

Poirier delves deeper into the methodology by relating it to her main clientele; new mothers, and then breaking down each component so the participant can comprehend the steps needed to uncover their limitations and breakthrough to success. “The biggest thing I love to break through with moms is judgment,” she beams. “Many of them believe they’re stuck with whatever they judge. Therefore they create limitations in their minds without realizing it.”

Often, new mothers and mothers with newborns not only find themselves overwhelmed with the day-to-day duties of caring for a baby, but also feel the need to rush back into the workplace to reclaim their role in society, or are alienated by their new responsibilities at home and lack a sense of identity. This is where Poirier comes in; the former Human Resources professional suggests starting with mindset work – questioning the story the participant is believing in and then asking: is it true?

“Getting through the judgment is such a big weight to let go of,” she points out. “For people I work with, they exclaim how much lighter they feel, because it leads to a belief that life isn’t trying to hurt or prevent them – it’s actually working for them. This judgment is actually helping them to discover another aspect that maybe they haven’t fully accepted.” 

Poirier continues; “I’m not giving them the answers. We all have our own answers and pathways, and it’s such a beautiful gift. We need to follow that truth.”

Starting with a Vision Activation Call, Poirier maps out the possibilities for her clients; tapping into what they truly want and what’s holding them back. “The key to that is the things that hold people back are actually the way through.” 

Sometimes it’s scary to look in the closet and confront the skeletons. Therefore, Poirier creates a safe space that allows participants to talk about their demons. “I love coaching people and being that safe space for them,” she exclaims. 

One of her biggest success stories involved a mom who changed her belief with her anxiety. With support from Poirier, she could see that her anxiety was inherently helping her. Something she found humorous yet ridiculous – until Poirier started asking the right questions: how was the anxiety helping? What was it trying to do? Once those questions had been unearthed the mom was able to calm her nervous system down. “One week later, {the mom} called me to reveal she’d been given a 20% increase to her wage structure,” she reveals. “A lot of our insights don’t always reveal themselves in the container, they’ll come afterward – when we’re processing and begin to live out those new beliefs and insights.”

One of Poirier’s favourite sayings is that ‘overwhelm is an invitation to find clarity.’ Without this, it’s difficult to take the initial step of uncovering our limitations. For only one hour a week, Vanessa Poirier invites those seeking clarity into her safe space so that they can live out their lives, judgment-free, and without the burnout and overwhelm in their soul, life, and career. 

To apply to work with Vanessa, click the link or contact her via email or through her social media channels

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