Megan and Renee Lancaster: On a Mission to Simplify Moms’ Lives with the Ellavate Electric Assist Wagon

Megan Lancaster’s lightbulb moment came during a family beach outing when she recognized the need for an electric wagon. Alongside her mother, Renee Lancaster, Megan observed families struggling with traditional wagons. This realization led to the founding of Ellavate Wagon, the world’s first electric everyday wagon designed to meet the needs of modern families.

The inspiration for the Ellavate Wagon was born from a simple observation. “We were sitting on the beach during the 4th of July weekend and noticed the hundreds of wagons around us. My mom turned to me and said, ‘I can’t believe no one has developed an electric wagon. We have electric bikes, scooters, and wheelchairs, but no wagon! It was such a hassle to pull around the three of you!’” Megan recalls. This moment sparked their journey to modernize the traditional wagon.

Determined to create a tech-driven solution, Megan and Renee focused on developing a product to make outdoor activities hassle-free for families. By leveraging electric assist technology, they aimed to reduce the physical burden on parents and make family outings more enjoyable.

The rise of smart parenting solutions is evident in today’s market, with many families adopting technology-driven products to simplify parenting tasks. Parents seek innovative solutions to manage their routines more efficiently, from smart baby monitors to automated strollers.

Moms are at the forefront of this technological revolution, continually seeking ways to ensure the safety and well-being of their children. As technology advances, opportunities for mothers to leverage these innovations in their daily lives continue to grow.

Safety is a top priority in the development of the Ellavate Wagon. The product is certified to child safety and electric mobility standards (UL2272), giving moms peace of mind. Additionally, considerations for durability and ease of maintenance were integral to the design process. The fabrics used are sun-proof, machine washable, and water-resistant, ensuring that the wagon can withstand various weather conditions and the messes of family outings.

Understanding the daily juggle of modern parents, Megan and Renee designed the Ellavate Wagon to address the specific needs of families. “We designed Ellavate Wagon with the specific needs of modern mothers in mind,” says Megan Lancaster, co-founder of Ellavate Wagon. “We know how much moms juggle daily, and we wanted to create a product that would take the stress out of everyday outings. The electric assist makes it effortless to transport gear and children, while the customizable accessories allow moms to personalize their experience. Now moms can enjoy their time with their children rather than focus on logistics.”

The Ellavate Wagon offers three adjustable power levels, ensuring parents can easily navigate different terrains, whether it’s the sandy shores of a beach, the grassy fields of a park, or the rugged paths of a hiking trail. The smart braking system adds an extra layer of safety, especially when going downhill, giving parents full control over their journey.

When choosing baby products, parents prioritize safety, convenience, and adaptability. Meeting stringent safety standards is crucial, as is the ability to simplify daily routines and reduce physical strain. Ellavate Wagon addresses these key concerns by offering a practical and innovative solution. By alleviating the physical burden of transporting children and gear, the product ensures convenience for parents. Customizable accessories cater to families’ diverse needs, providing a versatile companion for any adventure.

The Ellavate Wagon is not just about convenience; it’s about making a responsible choice for the environment. Its electric-assist system helps reduce the need for gas-powered vehicles for short trips, reducing carbon emissions. By choosing the Ellavate Wagon, families are not just enjoying modern conveniences; they’re making a significant contribution to sustainable living, a choice they can be proud of.

Megan’s dedication to improving family outings doesn’t stop at innovation. The Ellavate Wagon comes with a two-year warranty, underscoring the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. “We stand behind each and every wagon we make,” Megan asserts. “We want our customers to feel confident in their purchase and know that we’re here to support them every step of the way.”

Families lead busy, dynamic lives that require products capable of keeping up with their fast-paced routines. The Ellavate Wagon addresses these needs by providing a reliable and stylish transport option, allowing families to transition effortlessly between different activities. This ensures parents can focus on enjoying their time with their children rather than dealing with logistical challenges.

As modern families embrace smart solutions to simplify their lives, the Ellavate Wagon stands out as a pioneering product that meets the demands of today’s tech-savvy parents. Its blend of convenience, safety, and innovation promises to transform family outings into effortless, enjoyable experiences.

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