Embody A Higher Love – Dorothy Knight Helps Mothers Restore Clarity And Reconnect Their Relationships

Going through the motions of life from a lower frequency? Dorothy Knight, the Reiki and ancestral healing expert, sheds light on how to realign with ourselves and rediscover our unique expression of motherhood.

Showing up for our kids – with the highest love possible – is only possible when we first can show up for ourselves. Our kids are mirrors for our own energy. Whatever choices, headspaces, and emotions we have carried through life are the same ones that will nurture our children into adulthood. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to step back, regain our spiritual and mental footing, and reconnect with our families while embodying the highest love possible? 

That’s where embodiment coach and energy master teacher practitioner Dorothy Knight comes in. Registered with the International Association of Reiki Professionals®, Knight taps into the intelligence of this universal life energy to bring clients (many of whom are moms just like you) the chance to reconnect with themselves.

In addition to the healing modality of Reiki, Knight is a specialist in Ohana Generational Healing. More on that in a bit.

To try and put this dynamic line of work to words, it’s best to go right to the source:

“A lot of people just go through the motions,” Knight says. “They live their life on autopilot and don’t really question why they are where they are. I’m that person to nudge you, spark you, and maybe even trigger you at times – in the best of ways because it’s for your highest good, it’s for your highest purpose.”

What does this highest good, purpose, and love look like? In Knight’s view, “it starts with loving yourself on a different level than ever before.”

Grounding this conversation around motherhood, it’s easy for us to get outside of ourselves when trying to raise a family. On top of the daily responsibilities, there are outside pressures: What roles are expected of us as mothers? What is a mom supposed to look like? What is perfect parenting? 

These take us away from what Knight calls “our own unique expression of motherhood.” Unplugged from ourselves, we experience life as empty husks depleted of energy.

“I truly believe that we are souls having a human experience, not the other way around,” Knight explains. “This human experience is not easy – and it wasn’t designed to be that way. It’s challenging because we are constantly seeing reflections of the unresolved aspects of ourselves.”

This comes especially true in motherhood, when our children become mirrors for the patterns and energies you are holding onto.

“They will mirror back to you all your inner child wounding and unresolved trauma,” Knight says. 

This is where Knight’s experience with Ohana Generational Healing sees great results. Energy is passed ancestrally – as our DNA carries the memories and traumas of those who came before. 

With the right shift in focus, this doesn’t need to be a tragic discovery! For those ready to put in the work of healing, this revelation comes with an opportunity to not just heal our own hurts, but those of our children, too. 

“It only takes one person in the family to do the work,” Knight says, “and shifts already happen. When we do ancestral healing, we are healing the past, the present and future of inherited trauma. We release those storylines so they no longer hold us hostage to a certain holding pattern. Once we become aware of them, we gain the power to override the present.” 

This sets a new example for our children. Remember – when we show up for ourselves, we are able to be more present and energetically available with our families.

To do this, the same unconditional love that we give our kids also has to be given inwards.

“When we shift the scope back into our sense of self,” Knight explains, “we can see where we’re completely out of alignment or where our energy is just not in balance.”

This requires a self-awareness that isn’t always comfortable. To see where we are unbalanced is to walk back through our lives (and the lives of those before) to discover and clear the lower frequencies our DNA has been holding onto. It’s a refreshing experience, but not for the faint of heart.

The wisdom, empathy, and listening ear of Knight stands to help client’s unpeel these layers, naming the story of the past so that its power and hold might be diminished. This can happen through a Reiki sound healing session, in the exploration of ancestral healing, and even in some quiet moments for reflection. 

Through this, we can rediscover our life force energy, also known as “Ki.” 

This brings a new clarity on who we are as souls, as human beings, and as mothers.

“We want to bring as much of that back into this human body as possible,” Knight says. “Then we feel energized, we feel balanced, we feel grounded, and we have purpose.”

When you look at your children as the mirrors for your energy, isn’t that what you want to see reflected back?

To discover the many ways that Dorothy Knight can get you back into alignment, visit her website. For more insights from the embodiment coach and energy practitioner, follow Knight on Instagram.