Dr. Berkley Luck’s Milkify Is Revolutionizing The Future Of Breast Milk Storage

It’s not often that the franchise players of Shark Tank make substantial offers to a company, which shows how necessary Dr. Berkley Luck’s Milkify is to the nutritional qualities of breast milk. Luck shares with MOM Magazine, just why Milkify is the go-to method when it comes to breast milk storage.   

Berkley Luck’s AHA moment to motherhood came when she questioned why people weren’t freeze-drying their breast milk. Berkley, Ph.D. in Microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine, shares that this revelation led to her founding Milkify, the first-ever breast milk freeze-drying service, in 2019.

A native of Houston, Texas, the-now COO reveals she started Milkify alongside her husband Pedro Silva, because, “I wanted to find a better way to preserve the nutritional qualities of breast milk long-term.” 

The dynamic duo appeared on hit investment TV show Shark Tank in April 2023, where they were successful in negotiating a $400,000 three-year loan with industry titans Gwyneth Paltrow and Lori Greiner with the possibility of a 20% equity in Milkify should they be satisfied with the direction of the company after that period. Actress Paltrow was particularly impressed, insisting, “Milkify gives such agency to working moms to power through and provides less of a guilty experience for a mother.”   

“When Mark {Cuban} asked Gwyneth at the end of the show if she would offer Milkify to her employees and she said ‘absolutely’ it was a golden moment for us,” exclaims Luck. 

Luck’s background in gut microbiome research led her to conclude that better milk storage options were pivotal to the preservation of beneficial bacteria in breast milk, which are vital to a healthy baby gut and overall infant development. Indeed, two million mothers store breast milk in freezers in the U.S. alone, which contributes to the overflow in freezers, as well as a degradation in nutritional quality after three months. 

“Everybody has a different struggle with breastfeeding and with milk, specifically,” shares Luck. “Moms are running out of freezer space … that’s one of the problems people don’t talk often about, the actual storage.” 

Milkify’s one-of-a-kind GMP-certified breast milk processing facility ensures breast milk can be stored, used, and transported without the need for freezing it, a testament to the ingenuity of Luck and the mammoth 6,400-sq.ft $1.2m Houston-based facility – the only global centre specifically designed for freeze-drying breast milk. It’s this processing facility that has freeze-dried and powdered over half a million ounces of breast milk, without the milk ever making contact with the equipment. 

“The powdered milk is transferred directly from the bag in which it’s freeze-dried to the final packaging under sterile conditions,” she told Shark Tank. “The result is not only shelf-stable, but keeps for at least three years, exponentially longer than frozen milk.” 

So what exactly is the step-by-step process


Moms send the frozen milk via: 

a) either a shipping kit Milkify provides or; 

b) they drop it off directly to the Milkify facility (dependent on proximity). 

No minimum, no maximum amount. 

“Moms drop off anywhere from 40oz to 4000oz,” explains Luck. “It really runs the gamut. We then process by freeze-drying the milk – which in itself is a very gentle process.” 


Water is removed from the milk via sublimation. 

*Sublimation is the process whereby a substance is converted from its solid state to its gaseous state without it becoming liquid* 

“It’s completely chemical free,” shares Luck. “Nor does it require any additional additives.”

Since breast milk requires sterile handling, Milkify ensures that no product ever comes into contact with any equipment or utensils while it is being freeze dried. 

“That’s the differentiator we bring to this game,” Luck says. 

After the liquid becomes powder, Luck and the rest of her team send Mom back her milk, with the back of each pouch highlighting the exact amount of water that needs to then be added in order for it to maintain its original consistency. Each pouch lasts roughly three years when kept on the shelf. 

Moms can then use the milk to a bottle or can incorporate it into a superfood – should the toddler be able to consume solids. In-fact, Milkify proposes 3 Ways To Use Freeze-Dried Breast Milk As A Superfood For Your Toddler, suggesting the breast milk powder can not only boost the nutrient content for a young one, but also boost their immunity and protect their immature digestive system. On top of that, the milk is utilized as opposed to just being kept around. Something, Luck shares, is invaluable to Moms.   

“At the time Milkify was founded, I did not yet have a child. After having my first baby, our beautiful girl Arielle, I now appreciate the desire to save every last drop of that hard-earned liquid gold. I struggled through the first year of breastfeeding and pumping, and am grateful to have been able to save my stash in freeze-dried form.”

A company growing its presence across North America and soon in Australasia,, Milkify is a must-have for all new Moms seeking better storage methods for their breast milk.   

Check out their Instagram for a comprehensive guide to using the breast milk powder, learn how to make a chocolate lactation smoothie, or simply gain a greater insight into the inner workings of Milkify.

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