Comedian And Social Media Savant Kat Stickler On Marriage, Motherhood, And Manifestation 

You may have heard of social media star Kat Stickler, a relatable comedian spreading her infectious humor throughout the digital world. But behind the lens is more than just a “famous” mom of one. She’s a real person, who, despite her rise to stardom, experiences similar struggles we all encounter at some point. Read on to discover the real Kat.

Kat Stickler – recognized for her outlandish and dark humor regarding all things relationship, is not known for faltering on camera – surprisingly even when she announced her separation from ex-hubby Mike, in 2021. 

But after a whirlwind 30-minute early Monday morning call, I had the privilege to witness the vulnerable side of comedian Stickler, as she opened up about the very-real emotions she was experiencing during her public divorce, along with her journey as a single mother to Mary “MK” Katherine. Stickler also spoke in detail about how she utilizes her comedy and social media platform to normalize relationship struggles, all-the-while offering support to other mom’s so they too can find their joy during difficult times. 

“Comedy is really cathartic for me in the sense that it’s helped me heal from things,” shares social media personality and comedian Kat Stickler from her home in Tampa, Florida. Her relatable commentary on relationships provides feel-good moments for those experiencing similar situations in the rollercoaster world of love. Having grown both her Instagram and TikTok substantially over the past three years, the lively and playful 28-year-old is now on a mission to aid others to validate their difficult moments, as well as partnering with her dream companies that will propel her to becoming a change maker … and maybe one day hosting Saturday Night Live. “I feel like you have to set the path of what you want and then be open to whatever that looks like.” 

Utilizing Comedy to Normalize Difficulties

“Sometimes you’ve got to fake it,” says Kat Stickler, when asked how difficult it was to keep herself together in front of the camera when her marriage was falling apart. “That was a way for me to laugh. It’s hard to find joy in things when you feel like your life’s falling apart. “If I didn’t create content I’m pretty sure I would have been holed up in my room. It really allowed me to heal.” 

The content in particular that allowed Stickler to move forward was the reflection posts designed to allow her to look back on content made at the height of the breakup and speak about what was actually happening behind the scenes. “​​I wanted to be clear that the message I was portraying was as honest as possible because I was losing my mind,” she admits. “Normalizing that is part of the process, and makes it easier when you’re losing your mind. I felt I was at a healing point in my life where I could see myself in that different stage and reflect on it in a way that was insightful versus me being sad the whole time.”

But if Stickler’s reasoning for the reflection videos were a tool to heal her own trauma, the knock-on effect those posts had have allowed others struggling with their own relationship woes to experience a sense of catharsis. “People tell me they’ll laugh about it {their breakups} someday but I tell them to laugh today so they don’t waste their today’s,” Stickler points out, aiming to help others speed up the healing process and make it more palatable.

Single Mother Journey / Balancing Act

If creating content was the catalyst for survival, then raising MK was a blessing in disguise for changing the course of her family history. Feeling the guilt over her breakup (stemming from her own parent’s split when she was a young girl), Stickler made MK her ‘North Star,’ an unenviable task considering the magnitude of her schedule, along with the fact that MK is still only three years old. 

“I feel like everyone should have that guide in their lives, whether it be their child, friend, or a pet,” she says, before explaining the balancing act that comes with amassing 1.2 million followers on Instagram, 10 million TikTok followers, and close to half a million YouTube subscribers. “It’s actually a little easier because MK can talk now, so I can take her with me more,” she explains. “But I’ve also grown alongside her. We’re adjusting to this new normal and time has helped with that also.”

Plans for the Future

As her star continues to shine, Stickler is in a position where she gets to pick and choose the brands she partners with. Her newest venture is with Stur Drinks, a family-founded beverage organization that helps millions of people reach their hydration goals; serving over 583 million glasses of water in 2023 alone while cutting 33 million pounds of sugar, and helping over 2,000 people gain access to clean drinking water with their Thirst Project. 

 “I partnered with this dream company of mine, Stur, and it took about a year to get them. I think the idea is fascinating to be able to contribute to something that people can use for their health,” she says.

“On the other end of the spectrum, it’s such a charitable organization, and I love the people, and it’s cool to feel as human beings we want to do something we feel is meaningful, and that matters to me. That’s my highlight for this year.”

Stickler offers advice to others looking to grow their own brands by “looking at the numbers.” She also informs budding social media influencers that the demographic will change, and to prepare to adapt. “Your demographic is going to change as your life changes. When your life changes, your content changes. But don’t forget; you control the content – don’t let it control you!” 


While Kat Stickler is well on her way to growing into a social media powerhouse, her dream is to one day host Saturday Night Live (isn’t it everyone’s!) She plans to take the same route she used that is leading her down the path to superstardom – manifestation. “I knowingly, I guess, had manifested a lot of that. I think it’s so funny because after I gave birth, it was very difficult for me. I felt like I was living someone else’s life, and I was like a young, single girl, and then all of a sudden, I’m responsible for a human life. It was just crazy for me.” 

She continues; “All of a sudden I read this book by Jen Sincero which is about mapping out what you want your life to look like. So I wrote down everything I wanted, the people I wanted in my life, the woman I wanted to be, the money I wanted to make, how I wanted to make it and where I was when I was doing that … slowly but surely it came into fruition.” 

When Kat Stickler is not being vulnerable, carving out hilarious impressions of her Hispanic mother, or giving relationship advice through her comedy, she can be found enjoying life in Tampa. Reach out to her through Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.


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