Certified Coach Braker –  From Broken Hearts to Breakthrough Relationships 

In a world where relationships can be as complex as the individuals involved, finding one’s life partner can feel nearly impossible and even hopeless. All relationships, even the best of relationships, have disappointments, misunderstandings, and miscommunication. Unfortunately, too many do not overcome these obstacles and end up breaking up thereby missing out on “finding the ONE.” Fortunately, Coach Braker understands that dating for marriage is not one-size-fits-all as her fresh perspective helps create breakthrough moments in relationships. 

Meet Coach Michal Braker, founder of Braker Coaching, who had the courage to end an engagement six months before the wedding. Drawing upon her extensive knowledge and professional background in relationship dynamics, Coach Braker provides tools to “break up” and to build “breakthrough” relationships instead.

Unraveling the Dynamics of Relationships:

How does a person know whether to leave or stay when neither option feels right? Coach Braker has problem-solving tools that offer solutions to this question, including ones that prevent relationships from becoming a situationship. Coach Braker believes that “breakfree” answers are possible when one first asks “breakthrough” questions.

With Coach Braker’s understanding of the complexities of relationships and her commitment to personalized coaching, she empowers clients to embrace their journey of finding the ONE with confidence and hope for sustainable continued possibilities.

By applying her deep understanding of relationship dynamics, Coach Braker breaks down issues that have been causing break-ups. She explores relationships that may have been influenced by worries about the future or the pain of their past. Whether it’s navigating communication barriers, reigniting self advocacy, or building trust, Coach Braker’s solutions breathe new life into “finding the ONE.”  

Empowering Individuals with Unique Solutions:

Just like every fingerprint is different, every relationship is different. Coach Braker pays attention to what is and isn’t said in order to read between the lines. She believes everyone deserves to find the “ONE. ”A break-free future is possible when receiving the gift of a breakthrough today. Let’s put the brakes on broken hearts.”

With an unwavering commitment to tailor-made solutions, Coach Braker identifies each struggle in ways that prevent ongoing heartaches. Coach Braker’s style allows clients to break free from their record of broken hearts. In addition to addressing the exact challenge or difficulty, she offers immediate breakthrough ideas that are proactive, long-lasting, and effective. Her insight truly inspires others to believe that they deserve better and to never settle.

A Captivating Journey of Transformation:

Coach Braker’s coaching style is both engaging and captivating, making the process of finding the ONE collaborative and worry free. Her honesty, empathy, and a touch of humor ensures that her clients can relax as they feel supported with every step. Coach Braker’s approach brings out true confidence and self-assurance.

Coach Braker’s dedication to nourishing and promoting healthier fulfilling relationships brings hope that finding the ONE is truly possible. When feeling hopeless and defeated, book a session with Coach Braker by visiting her website here

Her testimonials prove this and more – see for yourself:

“Thanks to Coach Braker, I accepted that letting go of my ex was the healthiest decision for me going forward and I reprioritized my life. I was able to not go back to my ex and gained respect for myself.  Coach Braker helped me realize that I deserve better and am worthy of greater love.” – Kyrone B.

“I reached out to Coach Braker because my long term boyfriend had one day out of the blue ghosted me. I blamed myself. I felt pretty worthless. Coach Braker is the wise empathetic mother figure who lifts and guides you to be your best self. Through kindness and tangible exercises, soothing aura, she helped me rearrange my mindset to pick up and rebuild myself. Because of Coach Braker, I no longer blame myself. I realized I deserve better than him. And now I feel relieved, confident and hopeful.” – Hanna M.

“Michal Braker has helped me so much in both my professional and personal life. She truly listens and always knows which questions to ask that are necessary for me to have aha moments… Michal Braker is a great life coach and I am fortunate to have her in my life.” – Barbara J.


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