Brooke Ashton, Mom and Country Singer-Songwriter, Debuts New Single ‘Someone’ 

Brooke Ashton, the gifted singer-songwriter from Greenville, South Carolina, released her most recent single, “Someone,” on April 19, 2024. This new song is an emotional homage motivated by loss, encouraging people to love without conditions and live in the “now.”

“Someone” was inspired by the tragic death of a close friend, which kindled a creative spark that led to an emotionally charged song. “If I’ve ever written a song that had the potential to ‘change the world,’ this would be it,” Ashton said, thinking back on the song’s origins. Ashton sees “Someone” as divinely inspired, a tribute to the deep emotional depth weaved into its lyrics and melody that gives audiences the chills every time they listen to it and gave her goosebumps during the song’s production.

“Someone” is a sorrowful folk/Americana song described as ethereal, grounded, and introspective. Its moving soundscapes let listeners go on a reflective trip as Ashton addresses topics of love, grief, and the impermanence of life. The song serves as a moving reminder of the universal yearning for connection and compassion with its profound words and potent tune.

Ashton, who is well-known for her honest and real lyrics, draws inspiration for her songs from her own experiences. Whether she’s belting out hits or writing her own lyrics, Ashton’s passion for storytelling is evident in every note. Her love of her family, exploring new places, and writing songs motivates her to write honestly and sensitively.

“All of the musicians who collaborated on this song donated their time and expertise in loving memory of a mutual friend,” Ashton shared. Their collective efforts have transformed “Someone” into a touching tribute, capturing the beauty and fragility of life in its purest form.

The release of Ashton’s single coincides with a global need for quiet times of introspection and camaraderie. “Someone” asks listeners to take a moment to appreciate the here and now and accept the range of human feeling. It is a moving reminder that despite everything life throws at us, love always shines brightly and can rise above even the darkest tragedies.

Not only is Ashton a phenomenal songwriter, but she does it all with her babies in tow. A mother to three young children, Ashton shares the sentiment that it’s never too late to chase your dreams. “Being a mother to three young children while pursuing a music career is challenging,” she says. Not able to tour at the moment, Ashton makes it work by doing as much as she can locally, utilizing online spaces as a tool to connect with audiences, and never taking “no” for an answer. “I know my children will be happier if their mom is happy, and music makes me happy,” says Ashton. “Plus, it’s really motivating to know that they will have access to my music when I’m long gone. That is a gift I am honored to give them.”

Fans can gain an intimate glimpse into Brooke Ashton’s musical path by following her on social media. She posts information about new albums and performances on Facebook. Her live performances and music videos can be found on YouTube, and Instagram offers insight into her life as a singer-songwriter. Ashton interacts with followers who value her storytelling through music on various sites.

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