Award-Winner Aeryon Ashlie, CEO And Founder Of Aeryon Wellness, A Rising Star In The Women’s Supplement Industry 

Aeryon Ashlie’s success reached a new high as she recently won the 1st Place Prize of $50,000 in Canada’s Total Mom Pitch 2023. As a former sponsored athlete and a professional with many years of experience working in the supplement industry, she had the expertise needed to launch her prize-winning company, Aeryon Wellness.  

Hundreds of applicants applied for Canada’s Total Mom Pitch 2023, and victory was sweet for Aeryon Ashlie when her pitch for Aeryon Wellness was selected as the top winner. “As a mom entrepreneur, it meant the world to me for my daughter to be in the audience at the Canadian Women Entrepreneur Industry Gala,” says Ashlie. “As I shared the spotlight with the other amazing women in the top five, it was a special experience as a mom and such an incredible honor as an entrepreneur.” 

Her website – – states the company mission is to “Empower Women With Holistic Health,” and their philosophy is: “Using the latest in scientific research we formulate and distribute the highest grade, all-natural support supplements that make a difference. Our innovative use of QR codes provides education, nutrition, and strategies to assist women on their journey to sustainable health and wellness.” 

Ashlie worked for one of Canada’s top supplement companies for thirteen years, and when it was sold five years ago, she was offered a severance package which became the nest egg she used to fund Aeryon Wellness as a startup in 2019. It seemed like the perfect time to start her own brand, using her hard-earned skill set, relationships, and knowledge base. 

In accordance with Canada’s strict requirements, Ashlie dotted every “i” and crossed every “t” in getting natural product numbers (NPNs), which required her to submit scientific data and turn in a certificate of analysis on every ingredient in her products. Every claim she makes on her bottles must have Canada’s stamp of approval. “We want regulation,” exclaims Ashlie. “I feel secure with the strict rules and regulations that ensure the products I sell are manufactured and bottled safely. I take my own supplements, and I am confident they are of the highest quality.”

With catchy product names like, “Lose it, So Hormonious, Up & Away, Reclaim, Water B Gone, Snooze, Sleep n Beauty, and U Remind Me,” you might be able to guess who these supplements are designed for: Women. When asked what sets her company apart from others in her industry, without hesitation Ashlie says, “In the male-dominated supplement industry, less than 5% of businesses are 100% women-owned. Aeryon Wellness is part of that small percentage. I am a sole proprietor, and my products and brand are 100% women-focused.” 

The QR codes on each label link customers to a complete program; meal plans, workouts, affirmations, educational tips, and informative videos. Ashlie proudly claims, “I’m the only supplement company that is using QR codes to provide this level of customer support!” It was the use of this technology that landed her on CBC’s Dragons Den in 2021, walking away with three offers. 

Another difference is Ashlie’s commitment to frequently visit Canadian retail establishments that sell her products. She develops relationships with sales staff, educating them on product use and gaining customer feedback from employees who regularly interact with clients. 

Ashlie’s passion for the company and the products she has developed is tied to her “why.” Each product is a response to her own relation to seeking a healthy lifestyle. In her life story with nutrition, weight gain, dieting, and the fitness industry, Aeryon sought support, knowledge, and understanding. Her company seeks to empower women who strive for the same goal. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires ongoing, lifelong learning decisions in the daily small choices as well as in major life transitions.

The Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) awarded Ashlie with “Innovative Product of the Year” in 2022 for “Up & Away,” the first 100% boric acid kit that promotes healthy vaginal PH. That year, Aeryon Wellness also won “Agent of Change,” an award that honors CHFA member companies or individuals who have been champions of social justice and change. Now, still feeling elated over her first-place win in the Total Mom Pitch, she recently learned that she has been nominated for “Women of Influence” at the upcoming CHFA awards in September 2023.

When asked what she is most grateful for, Ashlie says, “Every morning before arising, I visualize my day, giving thanks for the people I will encounter, blessing them and everyone and everything that concerns them. I am grateful for my daughter, her health, and the ability to live in a country that allows me to be a female business owner. I am blessed to be able to live a life aligned with my purpose and to be able to pursue my dreams.”

Ashlie’s plans for the future are to continue to scale the business, double revenue, grow her product line, and expand distribution to include the U.S. and UK. Aeryon Wellness is active on social media platforms, and products are available in 400+ stores in Canada and via Amazon. Keep your eyes on this rising star and Aeryon Wellness, a company completely devoted to women’s health.