10 Inspiring Moms Making An Impact In 2023 

In 2023, the world is witness to a remarkable group of women who have not only embraced the role of motherhood with love and dedication but have also transcended societal norms to make a profound impact on their communities and beyond. These 10 inspiring moms stand as beacons of strength, resilience, and compassion, redefining the boundaries of what it means to be a mother in the modern era. Their unwavering commitment to their families, coupled with their relentless pursuit of positive change, has ignited a spark of hope and empowerment that resonates far and wide. From groundbreaking innovators to tireless advocates, these mothers are not just shaping the future for their own children, but for generations to come. Let’s delve into their stories, celebrating the extraordinary achievements of 10 remarkable moms who are leaving an indelible mark on the world in 2023.

Kat Stickler | Following The Life Of Comedic Single Mom Kat Stickler

Posting on social media is a vulnerable act for many, even with a small following base. But for Kat Stickler, it’s a completely different ballpark. With over a million followers on Instagram and 10 million on TikTok, the Mom of one is sharing her life with more than just family and friends. Yet, being open with strangers has proven to be less “scary” compared to her family at times, especially when announcing her divorce back in March of 2021. But with the creation of her comedic skits, a cathartic form of healing for Stickler, she was able to connect more deeply with her audience through a shared form of digital laughter – something she aspires to elicit in all her followers. The north star for her healing journey is her beautiful daughter Mary-Katherine (MK for short). The two are an inseparable duo and their love and joy shared is deeply felt through the screen. To follow along the life of an “averagely funny, sorta relatable” Mom, visit Kat Stickler’s Instagram

Rachel Sullivan | A Testament To Hope: Meals She Eats Is An Extension Of This Couple’s Journey To Parenthood

Rachel and Tom Sullivan are the parents of a beautiful baby girl, Sutton. A smile that brightens any room she’s in, her vibrancy is a reflection of her parent’s love and warmth. But the journey to get to where they are now wasn’t linear – it was hard and at times full of tears, but it was also full of a whole lot of hope. After learning Rach needed to turn to birth control to regulate her hormones to get pregnant due to PCOS, she and her husband decided to forge their own path – using food as medicine. Tom documented the meals he created to help balance her hormones on Instagram, and eight months later, the couple was welcomed with a beautiful gift: pregnancy. Throughout it all, they wrote a book called Meals She Eats, an extension of Rach and Tom and the experiences they encountered along their journey to pregnancy.  Their book is now available here!

Hannah Neeleman | A Mom With A Desire To Inspire Others To Chase Their Dreams

Hannah Neeleman is an entrepreneur, and inspiration – who, after attending The Juilliard School of performing arts in New York to become a professional dancer, forgoed the city lifestyle to raise her family on a farm. Currently living in Kamas, Utah with her husband and their 7 kids, Neeleman shares the heart and hard work of life on the farm to her millions of followers across social media. The best part is, her content does a lot more than just showcase farm life. Instead, it demonstrates that if you can dream it, you can live it. Whether that is to make the perfect sourdough flatbread grilled cheese sandwich from scratch, or move countryside to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle, Neeleman proves that anything is possible. As the founder of Ballerina Farms, a farm-to-table agricultural business that sells kitchen products, and farm-fresh food, Neeleman is definitely a mom to look out for! Follow her on Instagram and TikTok

Melissa Ross | Soar Into Serenity With Life Coach Melissa Ross, The World’s Best Children’s Yoga Instructor 

Just like American TV host Mr. Rogers influenced her generation, mindset mentor and clarity coach Melissa Ross’ goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of children. In 2011, after struggling with postpartum depression, the mother of two embarked on a journey to transform her life. She soon discovered her passion for assisting others, even aiding her son in overcoming anxiety and achieving inner peace. Today she thrives as a mindset coach and founder of Rise2Wellness and Breathe With Me Yoga, using mindfulness, play, and storytelling to foster strength, creativity and confidence in children. The award-winning speaker, entrepreneur, and successful author is dedicated to supporting those managing anxiety and bullying while promoting a positive outlook on life. “I’ll help you set realistic goals, push fear aside, and achieve your best life,” smiles Melissa Ross. For more information, families with children can enjoy the Story Time Yoga sessions she created and hosts on Traverse TV Network. Or reach out on Linkedin.

Sarah Beeston | Keeping Up With The Beeston’s

Utah couple Sarah and Derik Beeston began sharing their lives on TikTok amid the Pandemic, and have since gained nearly 5 million followers. From funny pranks to adorable clips of their two children Jack and Sunny, there’s a reason why the Beeston family has stolen the hearts of millions. But behind the camera, it’s not always big smiles and contagious laughs. Sarah’s pregnancy journey wasn’t all smooth sailing. Diagnosed with Endometriosis, the Mom of two has battled through this disease, but despite the risk of infertility, has welcomed two beautiful children, Jack and Sunny. It’s never a dull moment in the Beeston household, and Sarah has taken on a big role of taking care of her husband Derik after double knee surgery while tending to her 2-year-old and six-month-old. But she does it with grace making being a mom and caretaker look easy. To keep up with Sarah and Derik Beeston, follow them on Instagram!

Anna Sinclair | ‘Mompreneurs’ – It’s Time To Connect, Collaborate, & Shine With Anna Sinclair’s Rising Community Total Mom Inc

Photo: Courtesy Of Anna Sinclair/TotalMomInc

Life as an entrepreneur can feel like a juggling act for women-owned businesses. Mix that with the beauty of being a stellar mother – the pressure to see-saw both successfully can be overwhelming. As a self-made, first-generation Canadian success story, Anna Sinclair followed her intuition to form a force for change when she envisioned a new society. One where “mompreneurs” have more genuine and meaningful support. Today the mother of two, { a former signed pop artist, creative producer, serial entrepreneur, community builder, investor, and agency owner} has successfully formed the media brand Total Mom Inc – an incubation platform changing lives. Built for women by women, her growing sisterhood has attracted the eyes of thousands of loyal followers – all of whom have created a life they love. Besides offering entrepreneurship, business lifestyle programs, and initiatives to support overwhelmed moms personally and professionally, Total Mom Inc aims to transform how women access education and communities. Featured in various publications, including Forbes, Sinclair was inducted into the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada as one of the fastest-growing entrepreneur communities for moms. For more information for mothers wishing to start and grow a successful business while juggling motherhood, visit Anna Sinclair’s website.  

Jennifer Anderson | Watch Your Little Ones Transform Into Culinary Adventurers With Kids Eat In Color

Photo: Pexels.com/Katerina Holmes

Parents – we all know the drill. The clock strikes serve. The kids scramble to their seats. The plate drops, and – *sigh* a heavy frown appears. Before we know it, we catch ourselves uttering three words with bated breath. “Just try it.” But what if we told you someone could help get your picky eaters to eat? Someone who has formulated an approach where evidence-based mealtime adjustments have eased parental stress and proven successful? Meet the authoritative secret resource saviors – Kids Eat In Color. Spearheaded by founder, and registered dietitian Jennifer Anderson, the mom of two and her team of experts at Kids Eat in Color proudly equip parents with bite-size tools and strategies to help their youngsters embrace new foods and enjoy a balanced diet without fuss. From their first bite of solid food through picky eating and elementary-aged nutritional needs, Kids Eat In Color, {who has gained a loyal online following}, welcomes every parent. No matter the food, culture, energy, or pickiness, everyone can find something to eat. Most of all, they recognize that discrimination affects nutrition, which is why a promise has been made to address it. “Whether you are a parent feeling stressed about mealtime, defeated by extreme picky eating, or just need some help with meal ideas – the team and I are here for you!” promises Anderson. Kids Eat In Color offers fun-friendly courses like “Toddler and Child Feeding” for your partner, relatives, or your child’s caregiver to get on the same page, as well as ebooks, free guides, recipes, and more! So, have fun with food and feel confident feeding your family. Soon they will be biting, chewing, and swallowing – with nothing but big smiles, full bellies, and eyes begging for more! For extra information, snack on their website here

Sara Westbrook | Motivational Speaker Sara Westbrook On Emotional Awareness, Management, And Resilience 

Sara Westbrook is an Emotional Resilience Strategist, professional speaker, author, and singer. For the past 17 years, she has dedicated her professional life to researching and presenting on the subject of emotions and the impact they have on both adults and children. She has presented to over 500,000 students, educators, and parents and over half a million people on media outlets including Global, CTV, Sirius, and more. As a Mom, Wife, and Entrepreneur Sara Westbrook understands the role emotions play in daily life. When you don’t know how to navigate emotions, they easily impact your choices. Do you find it difficult to be kind when you’re feeling angry, irritated, frustrated, or disappointed? You’re not alone. When you are feeling those emotions, it can be challenging to remain kind and calm in your interactions. Sara Westbrook encourages you to pinpoint what emotions you’re experiencing, so you can move with and through them in a healthy and practical way, instead of avoiding, suppressing, and reacting. To achieve this, Sara created UPower® – a collection of presentations and workshops – to strengthen resilience and emotional well-being. To book Sara Westbrook at your next event, visit her website here

Johanna Eppley | Finding Solace In Running: A Journey Toward A Healthier, Happier Life 

As they say, it’s never too late to invest in yourself, something Johanna Eppley realized. For all her life, she was overweight, but above all, unhealthy, and when her daughter reached the age of one, she knew a change had to be made. Eppley began her weight loss journey not just for herself, but for her daughter to become a positive role model she lacked growing up. And what she discovered along the way was so much more than achieving a desired number on a scale. She uncovered a passion for running and has since completed a 10K, 15K, and half marathon. An expert in emotional resilience, Eppley was able to remove the limiting belief of aiming for “perfection” and instead focused on living a healthy, balanced, and happy life. Now, she’s an inspiration to moms everywhere for her vulnerability in sharing her life experiences online and encouraging others to join her. If you’re seeking health, happiness, and self-acceptance, join Johanna Eppley’s journey! Visit her Instagram here to witness her amazing transformation. 

Ariel Kaye | Inspiring You To Turn Your House Into A Home

Home is where the heart is, which is why mom, entrepreneur and author Ariel Kaye, built her brand on helping others elevate their lodgings and their lifestyles. With a passion for warm, inviting, beautiful homes, Kaye founded her company, Parachute Home in 2014. Parachute Home is a premium bedding company that has transformed into a multi-category home and lifestyle brand with 25 retail stores across the country. Kaye is also the author of the book, “How to Make a House a Home,” where she reveals to readers how they can design a home that is not only beautiful but mindful, functional, and uniquely theirs. Through both her entrepreneurial journey and authorship, Kaye has managed to create a loyal community that is dedicated to comfort, both online and offline. To learn more about Ariel Kaye, or for home actionable tips and advice on how to match purpose with style, be sure to check out her website and Instagram


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